Lucid Drops Enticing Information About Its Upcoming Gravity EV for 2024

Like the Air sedan, the Lucid Gravity SUV will have two or three rows of seating and serve as the […]

Lucid Gravity

Like the Air sedan, the Lucid Gravity SUV will have two or three rows of seating and serve as the company’s second flagship vehicle. Regarding range and performance, Lucid says Gravity will blow away the competition, including its Air.

Deliveries are expected to begin in 2024, with more product information and specifications available when order books open in early 2023. It’s not a secret that Lucid intends to release an SUV; the model will be called Gravity, and the name was revealed a while back. However, a more concrete timeframe and some more information have since been provided. These photos, also supplied by the EV company, show that Gravity’s front end will look similar to the Air sedan. Depending on the model, the Gravity may seat five, six, or seven persons over two or three rows of seating. We were given concept drawings of a seating arrangement for six people, with the middle chairs arranged in a loungelike fashion such that they almost flattened out. 

The reclining center seats on the Gravity and the Glass Canopy canopy are sure to be a crowd-pleaser. The company has stated that the newest generation of Lucid’s Glass Cockpit high-res screens and Lucid UX software interface will be installed in Gravity’s cabin. The Gravity is expected to expand on the Lucid regarding the “fundamental DNA of luxury, spaciousness, performance, and efficiency.” Hence, it’s safe to assume that it will use the same 22-module underfloor battery pack and compact 670-horsepower electric motor assembly. Because of the greater roofline required of any SUV, these small and efficient components should provide the Gravity design team with a lot of room to work with.

In addition to the reported 1200-plus-horsepower tri-motor Air Sapphire sedan, Lucid has also promised “supercar performance,” which strongly implies that they will provide around 1,000 horsepower dual-motor variants and maybe even an SUV version. These statements suggest Gravity will borrow the Air’s bigger 112.0-kWh battery pack. Still, the requirement for the smaller, 92.0-kWh version is less clear, particularly given the SUV’s inevitable larger size and higher weight. In a market where consumers are likelier to choose the front-wheel drive, all Gravity SUVs will probably come standard with AWD. Lucid has validated neither of these claims. A range in the low to mid 400s is plausible given Lucid’s assertion that the Gravity would provide greater range than any other EV for its Air.

Furthermore, because of the elevated nature of EV seating, the bigger 22-module 112.0 kWh battery pack will not have the same detrimental effect on the rear foot area as it does in similarly equipped Air sedans. The Lucid Air, despite its name, uses just coil springs for suspension. On the other hand, Gravity will need air springs at each corner to provide the height adjustment and load leveling essential to an SUV’s functionality.

According to company representatives, more information on the specifications and customization options for the Gravity will be available in early 2023. They continued by saying that manufacturing would begin in 2024, in tandem with the current construction of their AMP-1 factory in Casa Grande, Arizona, where both the Air sedan and the Gravity SUV will be manufactured.