The Fastest Police Cars Around The World – Part II

Some countries crank it up a notch regarding their police vehicles by adding some of the fastest cars on the […]


Some countries crank it up a notch regarding their police vehicles by adding some of the fastest cars on the planet to their fleet. 

Over the past few decades, most police forces worldwide constantly keep upgrading their fleet to keep up with criminals and other dramatic police chases. UAE, for instance, uses the Bugatti Veyron, which has a top speed of over 250 mph, as one of the top cars in their force. Of course, there happen to be around 193 countries in the world and only some countries are blessed to have some supercars in their fleet, but here is a list of some countries and their fastest police cars. 

Bugatti Veyron 

Starting with arguably, one of the best of the lot is the Bugatti Veyron, owned by the United Arab Emirates, which has a top speed of nearly 252 mph. Of course, for a country with a lot of high-profile millionaires and billionaires, it is necessary to keep law enforcement in check, so a Bugatti Veyron, which can probably outrun all the vehicles on the street, makes sense to be in the law enforcement department. 

The United Arab Emirates certainly has the best fleet of cars as they have 6 out of the 8 fastest cars in the world in the police fleet. 

Lamborghini Gallardo  

Italy is the home of supercars as it has had some of the best companies, like Lamborghini and Ferrari, producing vehicles for consumers for a very long time. To ensure that the police department also has its fair share of speed, Lamborghini donated four Gallardo to the police department in the year 2009. 

These vehicles are used not only for high-speed patrolling but also for time-sensitive medical purposes in the country. These high-performance vehicles are given only two specially trained officers who can handle them at their best. Typically, these vehicles clock in nearly 93,000 miles of service; after that, they are retired and sold off in an auction. Recently Lamborghini also donated a few Huracan models to the police as it would also help the medical transport. 

Tuner Z06 Corvette 

Around The World, the police love to sniff around for tuner vehicles with illegal modifications that would cause harm to the environment and society, but it is a different case when it comes to the Z06 Corvette. The police in Texas, North America, found this particular Z06 Corvette in a drug raid, and they also confirmed that the vehicle had racing modifications done to it, which boosted the power output to well over 1000 HP and a top speed of 228 MPH. After the vehicle was seized, it was used for police purposes, not for any high Pursuit dramatic chase, but to reach out to the community and develop friendly relations with the neighborhood’s automotive community. 

Brabus CLS V12 S Rocket 

Germany happens to be the home to the autobahn, which is the only public Road on the planet without any speed restrictions. As fun as it may sound, it attracts many hooligans with tuned cars trying to max out their speed. To bring them into check happens to exist the Brabus CLS rocket, tuned by the best tuning company in Germany. Based on a standard CLS, this particular vehicle happens to get a ton of performance-enhancing modification. Equipped with a V12 engine, the car produces 730 HP and makes the 0 to 60 mph sprint in just 4 seconds. It just gets better and better as it can go from 0 to 124 mph in just 10.5 seconds and from 0 to 186 mph in just 29.5 seconds and eventually reach its top speed of 225 MPH. 

Nissan GT-R

Japan is considered the home of performance and efficiency as it is responsible for giving the world some of the best sports cars and bikes. For a country with extensive use of vehicles from great manufacturers, it is needed to keep them in check, and this is precisely why the performance division of Nissan, Nismo, has customized and tuned their very special GTR and gifted it to the Japanese police department. What makes this GTR special is that unlike other vehicles in the US or the United Arab Emirates, this vehicle will be used for patrolling and high-speed pursuits as it has a top speed of 205 MPH. 

Skyker C8 Spyder 

Unveiled in the year 2006, the C8 Spyder was a quirky two-door sports car, with its biggest attraction being the scissor doors. Spyker made a one-off version of this same car for the Frevoland Police department in the Netherlands. The vehicle is powered by a 4.2-liter Audi-sourced V8 engine capable of producing 400 HP and has a top speed of 200 MPH. Even by modern-day standards, is too fast compared to regular patrol cars.