A Closer Look At The BMW 3.0 CSL

The BMW 3.0 CSL is one of the most engaging and exciting limited-edition BMWs to ever exist. The BMW 3.0 […]


The BMW 3.0 CSL is one of the most engaging and exciting limited-edition BMWs to ever exist.

The BMW 3.0 CSL is the latest offering by the German manufacturer, and it comes with a lot of promise and is created by taking a lot of valuable customer feedback. It is the perfect limited edition BMW car for enthusiasts who think that the M4 CSL is too subtle. This also happens to be the rarest and the most expensive BMW limited edition vehicle. It is also said to be one of the best M-performance cars ever made. What makes this vehicle even more special is the fact that it comes with a manual gearbox which is a boon in this day and age along; with this, it is also a rear-wheel drive-only vehicle making it an agile handling weapon. The tried and tested 3-liter engine pushes close to 560 HP, and that’s enough for strong acceleration and amazing top performance.

The History Of 3.0 CSL

Before even talking about the technical specifications of the vehicle, it is important to know where this vehicle gets its name from because it is a matter of pride and heritage. To trace the history of the origin of its name, one has to go back all the way to a time when the M division of BMW made the first-ever car. The E9 CS was their first-ever M car, and it featured a bigger engine, some crazy bodywork, and lots of power.

The vehicle was powered by a 3-liter engine, and the initials CSL stirred for coupe, sports, and lightweight. The CSL moniker was given to a few other BMW cars as well, like the E46 M3 CSL and the brand-new M4 CSL. This, however, happens to be the first time that BMW has used the 3.0 CSL batch on a road-going car since the 1970s, and it shows that it has some big shoes to fill.

A Wild Design

For a vehicle that has a lot of sporty credentials going, it is important to look at the part, and the 3.0 CSL does not disappoint on that front as it gets some very aggressive design cues all over. The most obvious differences in the vehicle happen to be at the front, where it features a new design for the kidney grill, which is now wider and in better proportions compared to the M3 and M4.

The two round air intakes on the lower half are inspired by the classic first-generation CSL. The daytime running lights of the vehicle are also yellow in color as compared to the signature white. Towards the side, the vehicle gets a 10-spoke design for the alloy wheels which also feature central locking nuts similar to that one finds on BMW racing cars. The wheels have an offset by which the front ones measure 20 inches and the ones at the back measure 21 inches.

Having one spoiler at the back is rather common for most high-performance vehicles, but the 3.0 CSL takes it a step further by placing two rear wings on the back end of the vehicle. There is a wing on the roof of the vehicle that acts as an air deflector and the one on the boot lid acts as a proper rear wing which contributes to aerodynamics and downforce. The rear bumper is also completely redesigned, along with the tail lights. What remains in continuation with other BMW M cars is the quad exhaust pipe which has a roaring sound.

Powered by M

The 3.0 CSL is powered by a 3-liter six-cylinder engine which happens to be the most powerful six-cylinder engine BMW has ever put in a production car. It is the same inline-six found in the M3 and M4 but in a different state of tune. The engine produces nearly 560 HP, which is 50hp more than the standard M4, and is mated to a tried and tested six-speed manual gearbox and the power is sent to the rear wheels only.

Getting rid of the Xdrive all-wheel drive system was a big decision and it was done in order to stay true to its rear-wheel drive heritage. Official performance figures have yet to be revealed by BMW but one thing is for sure is that it will be faster than the standard M4. It is expected to do the 60 mph run in under 4 seconds. BMW is going to make just 50 units of the 3.0 CSL as it marks the 50th anniversary of its M performance division. Considering the performance and goodies that the vehicle packs and the heritage that comes along with the vehicle is expected to price around $250,000 making it one of the most expensive BMW Ms.